Newport Trophy Regatta for 12 Metres Begins This Weekend

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Newport Trophy Regatta for 12 Metres Begins This Weekend

NEWPORT, R.I. (June 24, 2019) – As an important lead up to the 12 Metre World Championship in July, the Newport Trophy Regatta will take place off Newport, R.I. over the weekend of June 29-30. Hosted by Ida Lewis Yacht Club, the 12 Metre-only event provides one of the last formal opportunities for teams to fine-tune skills and also counts toward standings in the global ROAD TO THE WORLDS WAYPOINTS Series, which has helped build competition in the Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Americas Fleets.

“The game is afoot,” said Americas Fleet President and Event Chair for the Worlds Peter Gerard, explaining that points for the WAYPOINTS standings have been accumulating since 2017 and currently show American Eagle (US-21), Challenge XII (KA-10), Courageous (US-26), and Victory ’83 (K-22) – all from the Americas Fleet – in the final hunt for the series trophy, which will be awarded at the conclusion of the 12 Metre World Championship to a single team with the highest overall point score (among all divisions) for the past three seasons. “The Worlds are part of the WAYPOINTS Series as are the 12 Metre Pre-Worlds Regatta (part of Sail Newport’s Newport Regatta, July 6-7) and the New York Yacht Club’s 165th Annual Regatta, which was held last week. At that latter event, we really got our first glimpse into just how competitive the 12 Metres are going to be on the World Championship stage.”

Left: Challenge XII (KA-10) won the highly competitive Modern Division at the New York Yacht Club’s 165th Annual Regatta. Right: Modern fleet on the starting line and sailing downwind at the Annual Regatta. (Photos Credit: Stephen R. Cloutier)

At the Annual Regatta, where six of the Modern 12 Metres competed together, Challenge XII, skippered by Jack LeFort (Jamestown, R.I.), won with a three-point lead over Courageous, skippered by Art Santry. Courageous finished second on a tiebreaker with Victory ’83, skippered by owner Dennis Williams, and just one point behind them in fourth place was Enterprise (US-27), which has been chartered by Clay and Nancy Deutsch (Newport, R.I.) for the Worlds and was racing in its current configuration for the first time.

“At almost every finish we were overlapped with one or two or three boats, and there couldn’t have been more than 15 seconds separating first from sixth,” said LeFort, who won two of the four high-breeze races. “All the teams have stepped it up this year, so any boat can win any race. It’s going to be an unbelievable summer of racing…very cool.”

Challenge XII, designed by Ben Lexcen, was commissioned by Alan Bond as a possible Australian challenger for the 1983 America’s Cup. LeFort bought her in 2017, completed most of its renovation two winters ago, and with is current crew has been practicing for the Worlds for three years.

“We love the boat and we want to continue racing it beyond the Worlds,” said LeFort. “The other 12 Metre owners are jazzed to do the same, and the boats are so well restored now, it would be a shame not to keep the enthusiasm and momentum going.”

Clockwise from top left at the Annual Regatta: Clay Deutsch at the helm of Enterprise (US-27), crew work aboard Courageous (US-26), and American Eagle (US-21), Dennis Williams at the helm of Victory ‘83 (K-22) (Photos Credit: Stephen R. Cloutier)

In its first regatta experience, Enterprise turned a shaky beginning into a clear promise that the new kid on the block will be a threat at the Worlds. After an extensive multi-year refit, Enterprise was recently donated to the U.S. Merchant Marine Sailing Academy. She splashed only weeks ago when Clay Deutsch, who has won past 12 Metre World Championships with both Weatherly (US-17) in the Traditional division and Freedom (US-30) in the Modern division, took charter possession of her and formed his team of veteran sailors.

At the Annual Regatta, the team broke two jibs and a main on Friday (in the Around the Island Race that is scored separately from the Annual Regatta) and made one mistake after another in Saturday’s single race.

“On Saturday night, we had an ‘exorcism’ by a bonfire where we burned some old stuff and had a group chant; it was pretty spiritual,” laughed Deutsch. “On Sunday there were encouraging signs for sure when we won two races. We were either awfully lucky or it was real progress. The boat is fine; we just need to figure out how to sail it and get that last bit out of her. The learning curve is insane.”

As for the general experience of sailing 12 Metres, Deutsch said, “If you don’t sail the heck out of these boats, they sail you. The physical appeal of the 12 Metres is the feeling of power; everything is heavy and super loaded up. When you get them rumbling it’s like riding bareback on a 747 plane; there is no feeling like it.”

In Traditional Division American Eagle prevailed over its two Traditional counterparts Columbia (US-16) and Nefertiti (US-19), in second and third, respectively. In Grand Prix, New Zealand (KZ-3) won all of its four races to win overall against Kiwi Magic (KZ-7).

The 112 year-old International 12 Metre Class encompasses a living history of racing yacht design by the world’s foremost naval architects including Olin Stephens, Clinton Crane, William Fife III, Philip Rhodes, Johan Anker, Ben Lexcen and more who pushed their designs to the very limits of innovation. The resulting boats represented the pinnacle of yacht development from 1907-1987 for the highest levels of international sailing competition– the Olympic Games (1908-1920) and the America’s Cup (1958-1987).

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International 12 Metre Class
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Organizing Committee Update: March 2019

Peter GerardA very impressive competitors list is taking shape and details are being confirmed for the 12mR World Championship to be held in Newport from July 8 – 13, 2019– now just under 5 months from today!

By way of this update, we’d like to point out links where the latest event information is (and will continue to be) found as well as to remind you of a number of important items requiring your attention:

Notice of Race Update, 3/4/19

NoR Amendment #1, 3/4/19

Event Registration

Sign-up prior to price increases:

Before April 15: $8600 USD

April 16 – May 31: $9100 USD

After June 1: $9600 USD

12 Metre Requirements

In order to qualify for the World Championship every yacht must be in compliance with the International Twelve Metre Class Rules:

Click the links to renew Memberships and check Certificate status.

Technical Committee

ITMA’s Technical Committee is comprised of Ken McAlpine (Chair), Dyer Jones and Ken Kershaw.

NOTE: Both Ken McAlpine and Dyer Jones will recuse themselves from any measurement issue that has to be determined by the Technical Committee for the Divisions where they have the appearance of a COI because of their relationships with competitors.  For Ken, this would be Vintage (Nyala) and Grand Prix (Kookaburra II), for Dyer this would be Modern (Freedom).


The Regatta Technical Committee will be available in the Newport area starting on July 1. During the Measurement Period, from July 1-7, all competing yachts must have their flotation and rig dimensions checked. Sail Inventories will be checked for evidence of previous measurement. Some new sail measurement will be possible as time allows during the Measurement Period, but we strongly recommend that you take care of this as early as possible.

  • You should contact your local fleet measurer to schedule your sail measurement
  • Note: Flotation Checks may be done at any time and at any regatta


Per NOR, 3/4/19:
7.1 Yachts will be divided in to the following classes:

Division A: Grand Prix
Division B: Modern
Division C: Traditional
Division D: Vintage (may be combined with Division C for starting purposes)
Division E: Antique (may be combined with Divisions C and D for starting purposes)
12 Metre Spirit (see 7.2 below)

7.2 In order to enable boats built as 12 Metre yachts and their teams that are not currently in compliance with the Class Rules to participate in the World Championship Celebration; at its sole discretion, the Organizing Authority may form an additional starting and scoring group for yachts for which some of the 12 Metre Class Rules are waived.
A. These yachts will not compete within the World Championship.
B. These yachts, while they must have been originally built as a 12 Metre yacht, need not have a current 12 Metre certificate.
C. These yachts must be current members of ITMA, and comply with all the other entry requirements listed in this Notice of Race.
D. These yachts will sail as the 12 Metre Spirit Division, be given their own start and courses, and trophies will be awarded.

Pre-Worlds Schedule & Waypoints Scoring

June 14 – 16, New York Yacht Club 165th Annual Regatta

June 29 – 30, Newport Trophy Regatta hosted by Ida Lewis Yacht Club

July 6 – 7, Pre-Worlds at Sail Newport Regatta

July 8-13, 12mR World Championship will now also be scored as a Waypoints event

Worlds Schedule

Monday, July 8

1200 – 1730: Registration at Ida Lewis Yacht Club
1700: Support Boat Drivers’ Meeting at Ida Lewis YC
1730: Owners’ /Skippers’ Meeting at Ida Lewis YC
1830: Owners’ / Skippers’ Reception at Ida Lewis YC
Ida Lewis Yacht Club, 170 Wellington Ave.

Tuesday, July 9

0900: Rendezvous signal announced on VHF Ch72
1055: Course Signals
1100: First Warning Signal
1830: Welcome Reception at Gurney’s Resort & Marina
Gurney’s Resort & Marina, Goat Island

Wednesday, July 10

0900: Rendezvous signal announced on VHF Ch72
1055: Course Signals
1100: First Warning Signal
1630: Post-Racing Social, adjacent to 12mR docks
at Sail Newport, 72 Fort Adams Dr.

Thursday, July 11

0900: Rendezvous signal announced on VHF Ch72
1055: Course Signals
1100: First Warning Signal
1500: Post-Racing Social, adjacent to 12mR docks
at Sail Newport, 72 Fort Adams Dr.
1830: 12 MYC Dinner-Dance at Marble House
Marble House, 596 Bellevue Ave.

Friday, July 12

0900: Rendezvous signal announced on VHF Ch72
1055: Course Signals
1100: First Warning Signal
1630: Post-Racing Social, adjacent to 12mR docks
at Sail Newport, 72 Fort Adams Dr.

Saturday, July 13

0900: Rendezvous signal announced on VHF Ch72
1000: Salute to 12 Metres Parade of Sail
1155: Course Signals*
1200: First Warning Signal*
1700: Awards Ceremony at Restoration Hall, IYRS
International Yacht Restoration School, 449 Thames Street

Sunday, July 14

1500: ITMA Annual General Meeting at 12 Metre Yacht Club
Clarke Cooke House, 3rd floor, 26 Bannister’s Wharf
Owners and ITMA Members ONLY.

*Note difference in time for Course Signals and First Warning on Saturday.

Per Notice of Race: A total of NINE (9) races for each Division are scheduled. FOUR (4) completed races shall constitute a series for each Division. No initial warning signal will be made after 1500 on Saturday, July 13. The warning signal for a start following one or more general recalls or for subsequent starts may be made after 1500.


Immediately following the 12mR World Championship, the New York Yacht Club is hosting their 175th Anniversary Regatta and 12mR Jubilee, July 15-20. All 12mR yachts have been invited to participate. For additional details and registration, please refer to the New York Yacht Club’s website.

Newport Logistics


Dockage is included with your Worlds registration, however you must confirm your reservation with SailNewport, the operator of the Fort Adams marina. If you wish to extend your stay at on the dock beyond 7/14, through the NYYC’s 175th Anniversary Regatta (7/15-7/20) you must book directly with Sail Newport.


A number of Innkeepers have reached out to us with interest to host our regatta participants, additional information has been added to the housing page of this site.

Best regards and see you in Newport!

Peter Gerard
2019 12mR Worlds Event Chair ITMA VP America’s Fleet.
+1 214 244 4955