2021 12mR Worlds COVID-19 Update: 7/27/21

2021 12 Metre World Championship, Helsinki Finland

DATE: July 27, 2021
RE: COVID-19 Protocol

Dear 12mR Sailors,

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2021 EVLI 12mR World Championship in just 18 days! Our efforts continue to ensure a safe environment for you, your crews and families. 

The Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation; the latest information on traveling and testing can be found here.

Below you will find updates and additional links to help you enjoy your visit to Helsinki.

Suomen Ilmakuva / Helsinki Marketing
photo by: Suomen Ilmakuva / Helsinki Marketing


Internal border control has ended on 26 July. This means that travelling from the EU and Schengen countries to Finland is allowed without restrictions.

If you are arriving outside of EU and Schengen countries:
  • You may enter Finland from all countries IF:
    • You have been fully vaccinated (twice) and it has been at least 14 days since second vaccination. Be prepared to show vaccination document, in English, at the border.
    • If you have had Covid-19 within the the past 6 months
    • Special groups are admitted –such as representatives of culture, sports and business life. The Organizing Committee has informed Finland’s border control about our event.

If you’d like to take a Coronavirus test when entering Finland, we recommend that you register with Finentry. It is a service for travelers to obtain a Coronavirus test in Finland free of charge. You may book an appointment for testing a maximum of 7 days in advance.

When leaving Finland:
  • Follow the instructions imposed by your destination country.
  • If you require a PCR-test, please contact the Service Desk for booking assistance.


  • Disinfectant dispensers will be available at the NJK throughout the week
  • All contact surfaces such as door handles and taps are regularly disinfected
  • We remind all participants to:
    • Wash your hands regularly
    • Keep 1.5 metre social distance
    • Cough or sneeze into a paper towel or the inside of your elbow
    • If you have any symptoms such as cough, fever or nausea contact health authorities right away. The Service Desk or Hotel Reception will help you with this.
    • Latest Covid-19 updates are found here.
Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy / Helsinki Marketing
photo by: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy / Helsinki Marketing
  • While not mandatory In Finland, many people wear masks while indoors at public places such as department stores, shops, restaurants and on public transportation
  • Please respect the recommendations of the shopkeepers and owners of establishments
  • Extra masks will be available at NJK.
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes are open to public, so you can fully enjoy the Finnish hospitality after the race day.
  • Check out the Social Program and make reservations with some of our Partner restaurants
  • Ask for recommendations at the Service Desk
Mikko Huotari / Helsinki Marketing
photo by: Mikko Huotari / Helsinki Marketing
  • Hotel Scandic has a Covid protocol in place to make your stay as comfortable as possible
  • At this time, it appears that hotels will be functioning pretty “normally” in August.

Finally, you may be confident that the 12mR Worlds Event Committee will continue to do our utmost to ensure a safe experience for everyone.

Please do not hesitate to contact Johanna Catani with any enquiries.

We look forward to welcoming you to Helsinki soon!

Johanna Catani
Social Responsibility

Flica II (K-14), The “First” America’s Cup 12mR?

Designed by Laurent Giles to the 12mR Third Rule, Flica II (K-14) was the last yacht built at the 140-year-old W. Fife & Son boatyard when she slid down the rails in 1939. Although she was the last from the famed yard, arguably Flica II (K-14) was the first 12mR built for the modern Americas’ Cup era.

Flica II (K-14) heading to the weather mark. photo by: Kim Weckström
Flica II (K-14) heading to the weather mark. photo by: Kim Weckström

In 1928 Sir Richard Fairey and designer Charles Nicholson had undertaken extensive research and development to create a new 12 Metre Class racing yacht, the result had been the Second Rule Flica (K-16). With Fairey at the helm, her racing success was unparalleled and Flica was considered to be the “best” 12mR of the day.

Hugh Goodson purchased K-16 in 1934 and continued her racing success through 1938. He too had 12mR America’s Cup ambitions when he commissioned Flica II (K-14). She raced in very good company with other 12s designed by the leading J-Class designers of her time including William Fife’s Vanity V (K-5), Alfred Mylne’s Jenetta (K-1), Charles Nicholson’s Tomahawk (K-13) and Olin Stephen’s Vim (US-15). Flica II had the benefit of many design innovations including tank testing, aluminum spars, rudder trim tabs, rod rigging and coffee grinder-style winches.

Flica II (K-14) crew displaying teamwork at a mark rounding. photo by: Kim Weckström

Finally, in 1958 the New York Yacht Club accepted the first post-War America’s Cup Challenge from the Royal Yacht Squadron syndicate led by Hugh Goodson. Flica II (K-14) had been tested against Evaine (K-2) and Sceptre (K-17), but ultimately it was Sceptre that Goodson raced as the first 12mR Challenger versus Olin Stephen’s Columbia (US-16) who successfully defended the America’s Cup that year.

In the intervening years, Flica II has passed between a dozen owners, along the way she won the 12mR Class at Cowes Week in 1958 and the Royal Thames Yacht Club Queen’s Cup in 1961. An engine was installed in 1964 when she was converted to an auxiliary yawl. In 1968 her mast was moved forward; a doghouse and portholes were installed and she cruised as an auxiliary ketch until she disappeared from the Lloyd’s Register in 1978. In 1989, Robert Tiedeman rescued her from abandonment on a Caribbean shore. He salvaged and sold her to Bruno Pozzi who provided a complete restoration at Camper & Nicholson— only the keel, rudder and some original planking remained. From 1993-99, while owned by Stefano and Francesca Tanzi, she enjoyed racing success in the Mediterranean including winning the Coppa Europa in 1995.

Flica II (K-14) racing with Vanity V (K-5). photo by: Kim Weckström
Flica II (K-14) racing with Vanity V (K-5). photo by: Kim Weckström

In 2000, Alexander Falk purchased Flica II and brought her to Hamburg (DE) to join ITMA’s Northern European fleet. She has since been meticulously maintained and continues to compete successfully in both the Baltic and Mediterranean fleets. With her distinctive black hull and sails she is a striking standout in the Vintage division.

This year, Flica II will have another chance to prove herself versus contemporaries Vanity V (K-5), Jenetta (K-1), Vim (US-15) and Blue Marlin (FIN-1) —all of whom she will meet again at the 2021 Evli 12mR World Championship at Helsinki (FN) from August 14-22.

Thea (D-1), Undisputed Grand Dame of the 775-Year-Old Evli 12mR World Championship Fleet

With combined ages totaling 775 years, Thea (D-1) at 103 years-young will be the Grand Dame amid a fleet of relative “youngsters” ranging in age from just 82-88 years-old at the 2021 Evli 12mR World Championship.

Thea (D-1) and Wings (K-15) Racing in Dyvig, Denmark. photo: Kim Weckström

Designed by prolific naval architect Johan Anker, Santa (N-4) as she was first named, was built according to a proposed S-Class formula in 1918. When the Second International Rule was adopted in 1919, her design was modified to conform. For the first half of her life, she sailed under the flag of Norway with an impressive sister-fleet of 12mRs also designed by Anker including Vema III (N-11).

For more than a century, Thea (D-1) has had the great luck to be impeccably maintained by each of only four owners—Jacob Stolt Nielsen, Leif Høegh, Ebbe Wedell-Wedellsborg and Hans Michael Jebsen. Owing to their diligence and care, Thea has never required a complete restoration, something very few other vintage yachts of any design can boast. Now owned by father, Hans Michael Jebsen and son, Immanuel Jebsen, Thea (ex-Santa and ex-Nina) has been actively racing on the classic circuit and as a part of the 12mR fleet far longer than most of her competitors.

Purchased by Hans Michael Jebsen and ITMA Vice President, Patrick Howaldt in 1998, Thea (D-1) was the centerpiece around which the now-successful Baltic 12mR fleet was built. In 2001, she was one of three Nordic twelves that sailed in the historic 36-yacht 12mR fleet at the America’s Cup Jubilee held at Cowes (UK). Thea’s crew (and others) saw the potential for a large Vintage 12mR fleet racing at spectacular events throughout Northern Europe. With this vision in mind, Howaldt went on a 12mR shopping spree, co-purchasing Vanity V (K-5), Vim (US-15) and Wings (K-15) with groups of friends thereby sparking a catalyst for the rapid expansion of the 12mR fleet in Northern waters.

Thea (D-1), Kiwi Magic (KZ-7), Vanity (K-5), Flica II (K-14) and Vim (US-15) starting in Dyvig. photo: Kim Weckström

Hans Michael Jebsen says that he is looking forward to a great event in Helsinki. “The clubs in Helsinki have a fantastic tradition of organizing Metre regattas and we are happy that the 12mR fleet will meet at NJK. We hope that the event will further propel the development of the 12mR Class in the Baltics. For us as an early Second Rule boat, it will be challenging to keep up with the “youngsters” — but we look forward to fun and competition and will try to beat them all on the handicap!” The Jebsens and crew have good reason to be hopeful about Thea’s results, she has consistently won regattas based on the Baltic Handicap system including the Risør Træbåds Festival for three years running– 2016, 2017 and 2018. Her 12mR World Championship record includes a 13th place finish in the Classic division at Cowes (2001) and a 6th place finish in the Vintage division at Flensburg (2016).

More Info here

2021 12mR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP to be Presented by EVLI BANK

2021 12 Metre World Championship, Helsinki Finland

HELSINKI, FN July 1, 2021: Today, the Organizers of the 2021 12mR World Championship, hosted by NJK from August 14th -22nd announced a title partnership with Evli Bank, an investment management firm headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.


EvliEvli Bank CEO Maunu Lehtimäki said: “Sailing has always been close to our hearts at Evli. We are very happy for the partnership with the organizing club NJK and for the opportunity to be the title sponsor for this unique event. Sail racing represents values that are important for Evli – professionalism, courage, integrity, entrepreneurship and continuous development. Many of our clients are sailing enthusiasts, which is another reason for us to support this very special regatta.”

The 12mR Evli World Championship will be the first time the 12mR Class has held this prestigious regatta in Finland. Regatta Chairman, Henrik Andersin said: “The Organizing Committee is gratified by the great support shown by our local community including more than 20 businesses. With their assistance we are very well prepared to welcome our international guests and share the best of Finland with them on this historic occasion.”



Brandscape, Delicatessen, Dennis Pizza, Fazer, Finn Spring, Fiskars, Interbrands, Järvikylä Farms, Kruunu Herkku, Lindgren Wharf, Niiniranta/North Sails, NoHo Partners, Otava, Sannan Ruokakassi, Suomen Jäätelö, Town of Helsinki, Veikko Laine and Windlass Creative.

In collaboration with event supporters, the 12mR Worlds Organizing Committee has also today published a comprehensive Sustainability Program for the regatta. It is focused on the maximizing the positive Social and Economic impact on the community while minimizing any adverse Environmental impact of the event.

More information about the 2021 12mR World Championship

More information about Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK)

More information about the International Twelve Metre Association (ITMA)

NEWS FLASH 6/17/21: 12mR Worlds Committee Announces Spectacular Social Program

2021 12 Metre World Championship, Helsinki Finland

Despite months of uncertainty due to the pandemic, the 2021 12mR World Championship Committee with NJK continued to plan a spectacular program of social events throughout the regatta. Today, thanks to their optimism and persistence, along with the lifting of gathering restrictions in Finland, they are very pleased to announce the details of what will be an unforgettable week in Helsinki!


Get ready to mingle with friends, old and new, music, great food and drinks! The 2021 12mR World Championship social program will feature unforgettable daily special events including the official Welcome Reception, a traditional Finnish Archipelago Dinner, the Prize Giving Gala Dinner and casual after-sailing socials. We will also attend a reception at the Helsinki City Hall and make tours to local casual and fine dining restaurants. All owners and crew masters will be contacted personally with an enquiry about participation and special dietary requirements. You will also have a chance to pre-order 12mR Worlds 21-polo shirts.

Tickets for the complete social program of events (see below) including food and drinks are 249€/ per person when booked before July 1, 2021. Please reserve your ticket to the complete Social Program through your Skipper / Boat Manager.

Monday, August 16th:
The “Warm-Up” After-Sail Social at the NJK Boathouse


  • Relax at the NJK Boathouse
  • Daily Firsts and Race Day Highlights
  • Beer, Soft Drinks and Food at Discount prices

Tuesday, August 17th:
Welcome Reception at NJK Clubhouse


  • Champagne celebration to kick off the regatta
  • Toast old friends and meet new ones at the historic NJK Clubhouse
  • Live music by Acoustic Dixie Six
  • Cocktail Buffet includes:
    • Mediterranean vegetables and thyme roasted cherry tomatoes
    • Manchego cheese and olives marinated with orange and fennel
    • Chili-flavored shrimp and fresh melon salad
    • Smoked salmon pie and red onion jam
    • Chorizo sausage and potato salad
    • Verso salad and pomegranate vinaigrette
    • Baguette
    • Apple pie and vanilla mousse

Wednesday, August 18th:
Keisari Beer After-Sail social at the NJK Boathouse


  • Relax at the NJK Boathouse
  • Daily Firsts and Race Day Highlights
  • Beer, Soft Drinks and Food at Discount prices

Thursday, August 19th:
Finnish Archipelago Dinner at the NJK Boathouse


  • Three course traditional summer menu featuring the best of the Finnish Archipelago:
    • Goat cheese salad
    • Marinated artichokes, zucchini and peppers
    • Glass master’s herring and tar lacquer
    • Shrimp Gravy Tartar
    • Cold smoked salmon mousse, heart salad and rainbow trout roe
    • Toast skagen
    • Warm smoked salmon as a main course
    • Roasted seasonal vegetables
    • Early potatoes rolled in dill butter
    • Chanterelle stew
    • Bread basket and butter (archipelago bread, rye bread and white bread)
    • Coffee Tea
    • Cake
  • Wine is included, additional beverages will be available at discounted prices

Friday, August 20th:
Helsinki City Hall Reception


  • Hosted by the Mayor of Helsinki, guests will enjoy drinks and canapés.
  • After the Reception, 12mR World Championship participants and their parties have the option to continue the evening at selected partner restaurants in Helsinki. Guests will be offered -20% off all a la carte menu items, soft alcoholic drinks and alcohol free drinks at selected prime restaurants in Helsinki when booked before August 8th, 2021 (see restaurants below and book directly through restaurant websites using discount code: 12mr2021).

Saturday, August 21st:
Gala Prize-Giving Dinner at Restaurant Pörssi


  • A festive three-course dinner including champagne, canapés, 2 x 12 cl wine and coffee/tea.
  • Menu Börs
    • Shrimp toast and marinated fennel
      Wine (12 cl)
    • Lamb with goat cheese potatoes and dark pepper sauce
      Wine (12 cl)
    • Mint-passion mousse
      Coffee or Tea

Participating Restaurants: Friday, August 20th

  • 20% Discount for 2021 Worlds participants when booked before August 8, 2021
  • Includes a la carte menu items, soft alcoholic drinks and alcohol-free drinks at selected restaurants in Helsinki center.
  • Please book directly through the restaurant with discount code while making reservation: 12mr 2021



The exotic island of Katajanokka will be your next holiday destination. And as with any exceptional holiday, you can expect adventure, fun and sun – think fresh fish from the nearby market, seafood and tasty veggies.


The stunningly beautiful Salutorget in the heart of historic Helsinki offers a perfect setting for a wonderful dining experience. Set in a former bank building, Salutorget comprises a dining room known for its pared-down elegance, a stylish bar and a cozy outdoor terrace with views of Helsinki’s bustling seafront market.


Unique restaurant experience in the heart of Helsinki. The second-floor restaurant attached to it invite you to an ambiance that is both busily urban and relaxingly atmospheric. Our top-quality kitchen combines the ever-popular Nordic classics with the latest international flavors and styles. Unpretentious and on trend – simply delicious.



Here, in the vibrant heart of Helsinki at the head of Esplanade Park You can watch the world go by from your morning cup of coffee until your nightcap at the end of the evening. Restaurant Teatteri is a unique restaurant complex. It includes the Teatteri Grilli restaurant, the Teatteribaari lounge bar, the Kellobaari cocktail bar, the Klubi night club, and the Deli salad bar.


The gastronomic flagship of Finnish food and drink scene is led by head chef Ari Ruoho. Nokka is the only restaurant in Finland with personal, first-hand knowledge of the production methods and conditions used by our VIPs – Very Important Producers. Nokka is committed to serving only the purest seasonal ingredients, sourced from the forests of Salla in Lapland and from smallholdings across Finland. In the summer, Nokka opens out towards the Baltic Sea and offering, what is undoubtedly Helsinki’s most inviting outdoor patio area, just a stone’s throw away from the city centre.


Built in 1900, the beautiful villa-type restaurant on Valkosaari island is one of the best locations for festivities during the summer season. The tall, spacious Middle room is surrounded by bright covered verandas with large windows and a view towards the Market Square and Katajanokka.



Overlooking the Esplanade Park in the heart of Helsinki, Savoy has served guests for more than 80 years. Since 2019, the restaurant has been led by Chef Patron Helena Puolakka. Her ambition is to create experiences that respect the history of Savoy but feel inspiring and relevant in the 2020’s. Savoy’s food is Finnish-French, with a slight Russian touch. Savoy’s wine cellar is one of the largest in the country.


Elite is a rare example of a Finnish restaurant widely favoured by the country’s cultural and artistic circles – it has been a stage of life and a living room of the artists since 1932. The atmospheric dining room and the restaurant’s traditional bar invite you to stop by or spend time. During the summer guests can enjoy the Töölö atmosphere while sipping refreshing drinks on our outdoor terrace.


Please book directly through the restaurant with discount code: 12mr 2021 while making reservation.