12mR Pre-Worlds Competition Heats Up at KSSS Saltsjobaden – Sandhamn Regatta

2021 12 Metre World Championship, Helsinki Finland

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2021 12 Metre PRE-World Championship:

Competition Heats Up at KSSS Saltsjöbaden – Sandhamn Regatta

12mRs Vim (US-15) and Nini Anker (N-15) racing downwind at the 12mR Pre-World Championship at KSS Saltsjobaden - Sandhamn Regatta
12mRs Vim (US-15) and Nini Anker (N-15) (with borrowed spinnaker DEN-12) racing downwind at the 12mR Pre-World Championship at KSSS Saltsjobaden – Sandhamn Regatta. photo: Kim Weckström

Vim (US-15) with narrow lead; Nini Anker (N-15) nipping at her heels

STOCKHOLM, SE (August 5, 2021): The World Championship fleet of Vintage 12mR yachts arrived at Stockholm (SE) earlier this week after traveling more than 600 nm on their own keels from Flensburg and Copenhagen. The six 12mRs are now competing at KSSS’s Saltsjöbaden – Sandhamn Regatta for Pre-Worlds honors.

Day One featured a coastal distance race sailed in moderate winds from Stockholm to Sandhamn through the spectacular archipelago to the historic sailing center of Sweden’s east coast. The 12mRs raced among a fleet of Swedish classics which included: the 73-ft, SK 150 Beatrice Aurore (S-1) the largest surviving Skerry Cruiser and Ballad (S-236), a 63-ft Sparkman & Stephens offshore racer. Class newcomer Nini Anker (N-1) and Wings (K-15) crossed the finish line in tandem after a nearly 3-hour race with Vim (US-15) just 29 seconds behind.

On Day Two, 3 Windward / Leeward races were sailed in a shifty 5-9 knot breeze that suited Vim (US-15) who won the day 1-1-(2). Nini Anker (N-15) scored a close second for the day with 2-2-(3) and Wings (K-15) took a daily third with 3-(3)-1. Though not immediately revealed by their results, the Finnish-chartered Vanity V (K-5) team also raced very well, matching long stretches with the top finishers.

Patrick Howaldt, Vim (US-15) owner and Vice President of the International Twelve Metre Association representing the Northern Europe fleet said he is pleased to have 2 “new” 12mR programs in the Baltic. “Racing has become increasingly intense and close – it will be even more so in Helsinki when Jenetta (K-1) joins the competitive fleet at the 2021 EVLI 12mR World Championship.  He credited Vim’s early success in the Pre-Worlds to fine-tuning focused on improving US-15’s performance in light-air– conditions that he noted had previously proven challenging for this team.

The 103-year-old Thea (D-1), grand dame of the 12mR Class has added another 4 starts to her prolific racing history while keeping in step with her younger sisters on the racecourse. The exuberant Flica II (K-15) team, one of youngest in the history of the Class, has brought fun to the event both on and off the water. At the KSSS’s Lökholmen youth sailing center they entertained party-goers with an ad hoc 12mR rig-climbing competition and Zorba-style Greek dancing.

Two more days of racing will ensue in Sandhamn before the fleet sets sail to Helsinki, where they are eagerly awaited by Blue Marlin (FIN-1), owned by 12mR Worlds Chairman Henrik Andersin. Andersin, along with his Committee have planned a spectacular Championship regatta despite much uncertainty over the past 2+ years.

Meanwhile, Vema III (N-11) has embarked on her own epic 400+ nm Nordic voyage from Olso (NO) to the starting line at Helsinki.

If the first two days of these closely-contested Pre-Worlds are any indication, extremely competitive racing will continue throughout the remaining 2 days of the Pre-Worlds and onward at the 2021 EVLI 12mR World Championship from August 14-21 in Helsinki, Finland.


(results below)

2021 12 Metre Pre-Worlds Results:
August 4-5, 2021

12mR – Vintage (6  Boats)

1. Vim (US-15), Helmuth Henning, Patrick Howaldt & Ditley Wedell Wedellsborg, Copenhagen, DK – 3-1-1-(-2); 5

2. Nini Anker (N-15), Christoph Avenarius, Hamburg, DE – 1-2-2-(3); 5

3. Wings of Coves (K-15), Philipp Skafte-Holm, Copenhagen, DK (with Finnish & Danish crew) – 2-(3)-3-1 ; 6

4. Vanity V (K-5), Mikael Stelander,  Helsinki, FI – 4-(4)-4-4; 12

5. Flica II (K-14), Alexander Falk, Hamburg, DE – 5-(6)-5-5; 15

6. Thea (D-1), Jacob Holst, Copenhagen, DK – 6-5-(6)-6; 17


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