Vanity V: HSS Commodore Mikael Stelander and 8mR Crew Jump on the 12mR Bandwagon

Vannity 1
Vanity V (K-5) and Flica II (K-14) racing at the European Championship, Marstrand 2019 ~ Photo: Kim Weckström

In addition to the largest-ever gathering of 12mRs in the Nordics, another historic first will be seen at the 2021 Worlds at Helsinki where three competitors will sail under the Finnish flag. And when Vanity V (K-5) skippered by HSS (Helsinki Sailing Society) Commodore Mikael Stelander joins Wings (K-15) and Blue Marlin (FIN-1) on the race course, a classic showdown between local yacht clubs HSS and NJK will be set in motion.

Racing together since 2010, Commodore Stelander’s 8mR Ilderim* team are hopeful that their mR sailing skills will translate successfully when they race Vanity V (K-5) at the 12mR Worlds.

The Tore Holm 1936 8mR Ilderim (FiN-16), first owned by Marcus Wallenberg Jr., racing at the Helsinki Champagne Regatta 2018 – The extended Ilderim team will be sailing Vanity V during the 12 Metre Worlds in Helsinki 2021 ~ Photo: Toumas Koljonen

Stelander and team are excited to race K-5 at the Worlds and to meet new friends in the 12mR community of sailors. “We had an immediate connection with Vanity V as she is of the same vintage as Ilderim,” said Stelander. “Since we are newcomers to 12mR sailing, we don’t expect to be as competitive as in our 8mR fleet— but we will enjoy every good tack, nailing the layline and any opportunity to pass a fellow 12mR competitor,” he added.

Vanity V (K-5) ~ Photo: Kim Weckström

Vanity V (K-5) was one of the last designs by William Fife III, who was 79 years old when she was launched in 1936. Her first owner, J.R. “Fiddler” Pane was both an accomplished violinist and a successful helmsman who had enjoyed previous success with Vanity (K-1) (1923). A true yachtsman, Pane lived onboard, raced and cruised his boats extensively. By 1938, Vanity V was the only Fife design still active in the Class. Although struggling with poor health, Pane managed to put up a good fight in light and medium winds. Of ten starts he took 1 first, 1 second and 3 thirds, but ultimately it was Trivia (K-10) who prevailed that season.

Following a long racing career in the UK and the Med, Vanity V was completely rebuilt by Guy Ribadeau Dumas while owned by Robert Daral and Jean-Poul Guillet. She finished 6th in the Classic division of the 2001 America’s Cup Jubilee at Cowes, England; 5th in the Vintage division of the 2008 12mR Worlds at Flensburg, Germany and won the 12mR America’s Cup Regatta at Valencia, Spain in 2007.

Vanity V (K-5) Crew, 2021 12mR World Championship:

Mikael Stelander (Syndicate lead)
Jusku Mikkonen
Staffan Tallqvist
Tuomo Meretniemi
Pekka Raatikainen
John Björkbom
Juha Tolsa
Jukka Halminen
Jussi Sorsimo
Kari Loukola
Masa Anttila
Mikko Uusitalo
Panu Toppinen
Tommi Uksila
Jens Zachariassen

*Ilderim (FIN-16), is a famous Tore Holm design that debuted at the 1936 Olympic Games in Kiel. Although she was slated for a podium position, she was disqualified on controversial grounds by the German hosts. Since that time, her owners and crews have enjoyed many successful racing seasons.

“New” Vintage & Antique Trophies to Debut at 2021 Worlds

2021 12 Metre World Championship, Helsinki Finland

When the newly dedicated trophies for winners in the 12mR Vintage and Antique divisions are awarded the Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK) in Helsinki, Finland this summer their recipients will be the first 12mR World Champions to hoist them aloft.

Each of the legacy trophies is of special significance to both NJK and the International 12mR Class. It is therefore fitting that the “new” trophies will debut at the 12mR Worlds hosted at NJK while the Club is concurrently celebrating its 160th Anniversary.

Heatherbell-2upThe Heatherbell Trophy, was donated to the NJK by the Krogius Family specifically to recognize World Champions in the 12mR Antique division. Approximately forty International First Rule (Antique) 12mRs were built between 1907-1920 and were sailed in Olympic competition at the1908, 1912 and 1920 Games. The yacht Heatherbell was among the first 12mRs ever built when she was launched at Glasgow, Scotland in 1907.

The unique silver chalice now bearing her name was first awarded in 1911 to NJK Commodore Ernst Krogius (1865-1955) then owner of the winning Heatherbell. At the NJK Clubhouse, the trophy is displayed along with a “double-portrait” of Heatherbell. The painting depicts Commodore Krogius at her helm with the gaff-rigger also seen sailing on the horizon.

NJKTrophyThe NJK 160 Year Jubilee Trophy, recently donated by Henrik Andersin, owner of Blue Marlin (FIN-1) and 2021 12mR World Championship Chairman, also traces its origin back to 1911. The gilded Sheffield-made silver cup was originally awarded for Point-to-Point equestrian races in the United Kingdom. This perpetual trophy will be awarded to 12mR World Champion yachts in the Vintage Division. The Vintage division is comprised of International Second Rule 12mRs, constructed between 1920-33 and Third Rule 12mRs designed to the formula enforce from 1933 until the America’s Cup Third Rule was established in 1958.

The Nyländska Jaktklubben will serve as Trustee and Guardian of both perpetual trophies which will be on display at the Club throughout the 2021 12mR World Championship in August. Thereafter, each may claim pride of place at the winner’s home yacht club until the subsequent 12mR Vintage and Antique World Championships are held.

For more information about the 202112mR World Championship

For more information about Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK)

For more information about the International Twelve Metre Association (ITMA)

2021 12mR Worlds Regatta Update

2021 12 Metre World Championship, Helsinki Finland

DATE: March 16, 2021

Dear 12 Metre Sailors,

The 2021 12mR World Championship, organized by NJK will be held as planned on August 14th-22nd in Helsinki, Finland. At this time fifteen 12mRs (14 Vintage and 1 Antique) have registered for the event. You may view currently registered yachts and enter here.

The core Championship will consist of a 12mR Worlds sailing regatta only. Registration fees have been adjusted accordingly to reflect a reduction in social activities. You may view the updated Notice of Race with adjusted fees here.

Registrations for the 2021 12mR World Championship Social Program:

In the case of eliminated or reduced pandemic-related restrictions, we have planned an extensive program of social events. We certainly hope that this will be the case and will announce details as circumstances develop, likely in late May – early June, 2021.

I hope that you all stay safe and healthy,

Henrik Andersin, Chairman
2021 12mR World Championship Organizing Committee

Finnish institute for health and welfare

World Health OrganizationCovid-19 update March 2021: Organizing Committee will follow WHO recommendations

The 2021 12mR World Championship Committee, together with all organizing parties,will do the utmost to ensure a safe event for everyone. We will manage and assess the health risks according to the instructions for sport events, issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the instructions and recommendations stated by the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL). As we do not yet know what the pandemic status will be in August, we will follow the change of situation closely and keep you updated. Official travel restrictions and Covid-19 test policies, are found here. Please do not hesitate to contact Johanna Catani, if you have any enquiries.

Johanna Catani
Social Responsibility

Vintage 12s Sail 1000+ nm to Finland for 2021 Worlds

2021 12 Metre World Championship, Helsinki Finland

Vintage 12mRs to Embark Upon Epic Baltic Sea Voyage to Helsinki for 2021 12mR World Championship

The Baltic Vintage fleet sailing to weather at the 2019 12mR European Championship at Marstrand. ~ Kim Weckström photo
The Baltic Vintage fleet sailing to weather at the 2019 12mR European Championship at Marstrand. ~ Kim Weckström photo

In an historic first, a large fleet of Vintage 12mR yachts will sail upwards of 1000 nautical miles to compete at the 12mR World Championship in Helsinki, Finland from August 14- 22, 2021.

1300 Nm Baltic Sea Voyage from Flensburg to Helsinki
1300 Nm Baltic Sea Voyage from Flensburg to Helsinki

Hosted by Finland’s premiere yacht club Nyländska Jaktklubben, NJK, at least a dozen 12mRs are expected to arrive on their own keels from Germany, Denmark and Sweden to join Finland’s Blue Marlin (FIN-1) and challenge Italy’s reigning World Champion, Nyala (US-12).

Many of the yachts will depart in company from Flensburg, Germany in mid-July for the journey of more than 1300 nautical miles through the waters of Denmark and Sweden where elaborate pre-Worlds events are planned at Stockholm and Sandhamn. (Additional events will be held en route where pandemic restrictions permit.)

With fifteen yachts registered to date, the 2021 World Championship is slated to be the biggest 12mR event ever held in the Nordics. Finland’s first pre-war 12mR – Blue Marlin (FIN-1), owned by Henrik Andersin, was the inspiration for bringing the event to Helsinki, where NJK is concurrently celebrating the club’s 160th Anniversary. “Little did I know that when I relaunched Blue Marlin in 2014 that I would be racing 14 of her kind in my home waters just a few years later. This means a great deal to me personally,” said Andersin who has been instrumental in planning the Worlds as Event Chairman. “We now have the beginnings of a 3-boat strong local fleet as both Wings (K-15) and Vanity V (K-5) will also race under the Finnish flag.

The Championship in Finland will be preceded by regattas in Denmark, Germany and the Worlds Tune-Up at the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. While there are still uncertainties about pandemic restrictions, the core Helsinki Championship will consist only of sailing. Current registration fees reflect the absence of social activities. However, the Worlds Committee has an extensive program of social events planned which will be announced as circumstances allow.

2021 Sailing Schedule to 12mR Worlds Tune-Up (Sandhamn) & 12mR Worlds (Helsinki)

Country From Dep To Arrival Nm
Denmark Skovshoved/Copenhagen July 16 Svaneke July 17 108
Denmark Svaneke/Bornholm July 20 Karlskrona July 20 65
Sweden Karlskrona July 22 Kalmar July 22 66
Sweden Kalmar July 24 Visby July 24 93
Sweden Visby July 28 Saltsjöbaden/Skärgård July 28 110
Sweden Saltsjöbaden/Skärgård Aug 1 Stockholm Aug 1 15
Sweden Stockholm Aug 3 Saltsjöbaden Aug 3 15
Sweden Saltsjöbaden Aug 4 Sandhamn Aug 4 25
Sweden Sandhamn Aug 8 Hanko Aug 9 130
Finland Hanko Aug 10 Helsinki Aug 10 70
Finland Helsinki Aug 23 Visby Aug 24 165
Sweden Visby Aug 26 Simrishamn/Ystad Aug 27 200
Denmark Simrishamn/Ystad Aug 28 Skovshoved (Falsterbro) Aug 29 80

Safe Accommodations Now Available

Pandemic precautions have also been taken in the accommodation arrangements for sailors and guests. Helsinki’s Scandic Hotels have partnered with the 12mR Worlds to provide crew-specific bubbles in their facilities, with rooms, breakfasts and transports based on distancing measures. For accommodation enquiries, please contact Niklas Saxén. (Pricing, booking details and Covid-19 policies will be published shortly.)

Experienced Sailors Volunteer for Transport

The European Champion Vim (US-15) crew, headed by Patrick Howaldt, at the podium in Marstrand, Sweden 2019
The European Champion Vim (US-15) crew, headed by Patrick Howaldt, at the podium in Marstrand, Sweden 2019 ~ Kim Weckström photo

Sailing the yachts to and from Finland from their home ports in Sweden, Denmark and Germany will be demanding transfers of 9-13 full sailing day equivalents. Worlds Organizers and the Northern European 12mR fleet have compiled a list of volunteer transport crew comprised of 50+ experienced from Finland, Sweden, Germany and elsewhere who have expressed a strong interest in the 12mR Class. Committee member Torkel Tallqvist said “Save the strength of your crew for the Worlds and make use of our volunteers for the transfers– you may meet new crew members or even potential future 12mR owners.” For transport crew enquiries please contact Torkel Tallqvist or Christoffer Rothe.

Expected 2021 12mR World Championship Competitors

Thea (D-1)
Vim (US-15) reigning European 12mR Champion

Blue Marlin (FIN-1)
Vanity V (K-5), chartered by Finnish syndicate
Wings of Coves (K-15), with Finnish & Danish crew

Anita (G-2)
Flica II (K-14)
Heti (E-3)*
Jenetta (K-1)
Nini Anker (N-15), former Siesta
Sphinx (G-4)
Trivia (K-10)

Nyala (US-12), reigning 12mR World Champion

Vema III (N-11)

Official 2021 12mR World Championship Entry List
*All yachts will race in the 12mR Vintage Division except Heti (E-3) sailing in the 12mR Antique Division.

12 Metre World Championship Returns to Newport, Rhode Island in 2022

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2022 12mR World Championship logo

Historic America’s Cup Defenders and Iconic Sailing Conditions Converge

12 Metre World Championship Returns to Newport, Rhode Island in 2022 Historic America’s Cup Defenders and Iconic Sailing Conditions Converge
Competing yachts gathered dockside at 2019 12 Metre Worlds in Newport, Rhode Island. ~ Photo Credit: Ian Roman

NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND, USA (December 2, 2020) – Following the resounding success of the 2019 12mR World Championship held in Newport, R.I., the International Twelve Metre Association (ITMA) has again selected America’s City by the Sea as the venue for the 2022 12mR World Championship. “We expect an enthusiastic response and a strong turnout by our dedicated 12mR fleet members who always relish sailing out of Newport,” said ITMA President Paul Buttrose.

Scheduled for September 19-24, 2022, the regatta will be held during the traditional 12 Metre sailing season established during 25 years (1958-1983) of America’s Cup competition in the waters off Newport, R.I. Many of the 12s competing were specifically designed for Rhode Island Sound’s early autumn weather conditions. Set against the same backdrop, the 2022 event will re-kindle iconic America’s Cup competition between numerous Auld Mug Defenders including US-16 Columbia (1958), US-17 Weatherly (1962), US-22 Intrepid (1967 & 1970), US-26 Courageous (1974 & 1977) and US-30 Freedom (1980).

2019’s 12mR World Champion (Traditional Division), Columbia (US-16) will defend her title, led by 12 Meter Charters’ owner Kevin Hegarty ~ Photo Credit: Chris Tucker
2019’s 12mR World Champion (Traditional Division), Columbia (US-16) will defend her title, led by 12 Meter Charters’ owner Kevin Hegarty ~ Photo Credit: Chris Tucker

The 12 Metre Yacht Club Newport Station, the official home of ITMA’s North American 12mR fleet, will coordinate all event activities in partnership with Ida Lewis Yacht Club, repeating their award-winning* Race Management role. Ida Lewis Yacht Club’s current Vice Commodore, Steven MacGillivray said: “Ida Lewis Yacht Club is pleased to be the Organizing Authority for the 2022 12 Metre World Championship. Our Race Committee, Flag Officers and membership look forward to an exciting and fair regatta for all competitors.”

*U.S. Sailing awarded their prestigious St. Petersburg Trophy to the Ida Lewis Yacht Club for excellence in Race Management as voted by 2019 12mR Worlds competitors.

After several changes of ownership throughout the 12mR fleet, a new guard of Modern Division teams will meet on the Worlds racecourse. They include Enterprise (US-27), raced by Peter Askew’s renowned “Wizard” team and Freedom (US-30), now owned by the accomplished “Sled” team’s Takashi Okura. In the Grand Prix Division, 2019 Worlds second and third place winners — Patricio Bertelli’s Kookaburra II (KA-12) and Gunther Buerman’s New Zealand (KZ-3)– will again face-off for the top podium position.

Recent 12mR World Champions expected to defend their titles include 2019 Modern Division winner—Challenge XII (KA-10), owned by Jack LeFort, who also serves as Commodore for the 12 Metre Yacht Club Newport Station. “There is new energy and great momentum building in the 12mR Class,” said LeFort. “In Newport, we are excited to return to the race course to compete with old rivals and new challengers next season and through the 2022 Worlds.”

Enterprise (US-27) and Challenge XII (KA-10) vie for position while Freedom (US-30) nips at their heels during the 2019 12mR World Championship in Newport, R.I. ~ photo credit: Ian Roman
Enterprise (US-27) and Challenge XII (KA-10) vie for position while Freedom (US-30) nips at their heels during the 2019 12mR World Championship in Newport, R.I. ~ photo credit: Ian Roman

In the interim, all eyes are on Helsinki where the 2021 12mR World Championship will be hosted by Finland’s premier yacht club, the Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK) from August 12-24, 2021.

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