Waypoints Events

We are anticipating that many of the boats will arrive in Newport by the 1st of June. That being the case, there are a number of local and regional 12mR and open regattas in the month leading up to the Worlds. These include the following WAYPOINTS events:

  • New York Yacht Club’s 165th Annual Regatta – June 14-16
    • An open regatta in which the Americas’ 12mR fleet usually participates.
    • The NYYC typically gives the 12mRs starts by Division.
    • Boats wishing to participate in the Annual Regatta will register at NYYC.org  when their event page becomes active.
  • Ida Lewis Yacht Club’s Newport Trophy Regatta -June 29-30
    • A two-day, 12mR only event on the Worlds race courses.
    • Cocktail Reception at Ida Lewis Yacht Club.
    • Notice of Race, posted 12/11/18
    • Registration (coming soon)
    • Regatta Schedule
  • Pre-Worlds hosted by Sail Newport – July 6-7
    • A two-day event
    • Run by the Ida Lewis Worlds Race Committee
    • Part of the Sail Newport Regatta
    • Pre-Registration will be set up on this website
  • 2019 12 Metre World Championship hosted by Ida Lewis Yacht Club – July 8-13

Schedule revised: 12/6/18