Vintage 12s Sail 1000+ nm to Finland for 2021 Worlds

2021 12 Metre World Championship, Helsinki Finland

Vintage 12mRs to Embark Upon Epic Baltic Sea Voyage to Helsinki for 2021 12mR World Championship

The Baltic Vintage fleet sailing to weather at the 2019 12mR European Championship at Marstrand. ~ Kim Weckström photo
The Baltic Vintage fleet sailing to weather at the 2019 12mR European Championship at Marstrand. ~ Kim Weckström photo

In an historic first, a large fleet of Vintage 12mR yachts will sail upwards of 1000 nautical miles to compete at the 12mR World Championship in Helsinki, Finland from August 14- 22, 2021.

1300 Nm Baltic Sea Voyage from Flensburg to Helsinki
1300 Nm Baltic Sea Voyage from Flensburg to Helsinki

Hosted by Finland’s premiere yacht club Nyländska Jaktklubben, NJK, at least a dozen 12mRs are expected to arrive on their own keels from Germany, Denmark and Sweden to join Finland’s Blue Marlin (FIN-1) and challenge Italy’s reigning World Champion, Nyala (US-12).

Many of the yachts will depart in company from Flensburg, Germany in mid-July for the journey of more than 1300 nautical miles through the waters of Denmark and Sweden where elaborate pre-Worlds events are planned at Stockholm and Sandhamn. (Additional events will be held en route where pandemic restrictions permit.)

With fifteen yachts registered to date, the 2021 World Championship is slated to be the biggest 12mR event ever held in the Nordics. Finland’s first pre-war 12mR – Blue Marlin (FIN-1), owned by Henrik Andersin, was the inspiration for bringing the event to Helsinki, where NJK is concurrently celebrating the club’s 160th Anniversary. “Little did I know that when I relaunched Blue Marlin in 2014 that I would be racing 14 of her kind in my home waters just a few years later. This means a great deal to me personally,” said Andersin who has been instrumental in planning the Worlds as Event Chairman. “We now have the beginnings of a 3-boat strong local fleet as both Wings (K-15) and Vanity V (K-5) will also race under the Finnish flag.

The Championship in Finland will be preceded by regattas in Denmark, Germany and the Worlds Tune-Up at the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. While there are still uncertainties about pandemic restrictions, the core Helsinki Championship will consist only of sailing. Current registration fees reflect the absence of social activities. However, the Worlds Committee has an extensive program of social events planned which will be announced as circumstances allow.

2021 Sailing Schedule to 12mR Worlds Tune-Up (Sandhamn) & 12mR Worlds (Helsinki)

Country From Dep To Arrival Nm
Denmark Skovshoved/Copenhagen July 16 Svaneke July 17 108
Denmark Svaneke/Bornholm July 20 Karlskrona July 20 65
Sweden Karlskrona July 22 Kalmar July 22 66
Sweden Kalmar July 24 Visby July 24 93
Sweden Visby July 28 Saltsjöbaden/Skärgård July 28 110
Sweden Saltsjöbaden/Skärgård Aug 1 Stockholm Aug 1 15
Sweden Stockholm Aug 3 Saltsjöbaden Aug 3 15
Sweden Saltsjöbaden Aug 4 Sandhamn Aug 4 25
Sweden Sandhamn Aug 8 Hanko Aug 9 130
Finland Hanko Aug 10 Helsinki Aug 10 70
Finland Helsinki Aug 23 Visby Aug 24 165
Sweden Visby Aug 26 Simrishamn/Ystad Aug 27 200
Denmark Simrishamn/Ystad Aug 28 Skovshoved (Falsterbro) Aug 29 80

Safe Accommodations Now Available

Pandemic precautions have also been taken in the accommodation arrangements for sailors and guests. Helsinki’s Scandic Hotels have partnered with the 12mR Worlds to provide crew-specific bubbles in their facilities, with rooms, breakfasts and transports based on distancing measures. For accommodation enquiries, please contact Niklas Saxén. (Pricing, booking details and Covid-19 policies will be published shortly.)

Experienced Sailors Volunteer for Transport

The European Champion Vim (US-15) crew, headed by Patrick Howaldt, at the podium in Marstrand, Sweden 2019
The European Champion Vim (US-15) crew, headed by Patrick Howaldt, at the podium in Marstrand, Sweden 2019 ~ Kim Weckström photo

Sailing the yachts to and from Finland from their home ports in Sweden, Denmark and Germany will be demanding transfers of 9-13 full sailing day equivalents. Worlds Organizers and the Northern European 12mR fleet have compiled a list of volunteer transport crew comprised of 50+ experienced from Finland, Sweden, Germany and elsewhere who have expressed a strong interest in the 12mR Class. Committee member Torkel Tallqvist said “Save the strength of your crew for the Worlds and make use of our volunteers for the transfers– you may meet new crew members or even potential future 12mR owners.” For transport crew enquiries please contact Torkel Tallqvist or Christoffer Rothe.

Expected 2021 12mR World Championship Competitors

Thea (D-1)
Vim (US-15) reigning European 12mR Champion

Blue Marlin (FIN-1)
Vanity V (K-5), chartered by Finnish syndicate
Wings of Coves (K-15), with Finnish & Danish crew

Anita (G-2)
Flica II (K-14)
Heti (E-3)*
Jenetta (K-1)
Nini Anker (N-15), former Siesta
Sphinx (G-4)
Trivia (K-10)

Nyala (US-12), reigning 12mR World Champion

Vema III (N-11)

Official 2021 12mR World Championship Entry List
*All yachts will race in the 12mR Vintage Division except Heti (E-3) sailing in the 12mR Antique Division.