Safety First Accommodations at Scandic Helsinki

Scandic HotelsAccommodation arrangements will be centralized at Scandic Hotels in Helsinki during the 2021 12mR Worlds to ensure maximum safety for crews, friends and family. We expect that the pandemic restrictions will be minimal by the 10th of August but are preparing for all contingencies. For the eventuality of continued restrictions Scandic will provide crew “bubbles” with physically distanced living quarters, dining and transportation.

We have reserved a total of 300 beds in two Scandic Hotels close to the Worlds venue:

Scandic Grand Marina Helsinki Scandic Grand Marina
Double rooms
135 euro per room including breakfast

Scandic Park HelsinkiScandic Park
Quad rooms
175 euro per room including breakfast

Please address your enquiries to, and make your reservations with Niklas Saxen from the 12 Metre Worlds Committee before April 30th. After this date, registrations can be made only directly with the hotels, subjected to availability.

We will keep you informed with new developments in regulations and restrictions and urge you to make your reservations soon as possible. Reservations can be cancelled up until June 15th 2021.

Further info about Scandic safety policies here.

Niklas Saxen
2021 12mR World Championship Organizing Committee